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Highland Senior Citizens Network

Nothing about us without us

A mesPhoto of Dr Ian McNamarasage from our Chair, Dr Ian McNamara

HSCN has been successfully campaigning on issues that impact senior citizens for almost 30 years. As the over 55s become a larger proportion of the population, it is more important than ever that our voice is heard. 

The words ‘Growing Ageing Population’ are invariably rolled off the tongues of politicians and service providers when the lack of services for our age group is questioned. By engaging with us in a constructive way we will be seen as part of the solution, not the problem.

Who We Are

An independent, informed, Highland-wide network of local voices representing the interests of the more than 92,000 people in Highland aged 55+. 

Our members come from across Highland and further afield and include:

  • Over 380 individuals
  • Over 100 older people’s groups

Through these we are regularly in touch with more than 3000 older people across Highland.

We are led by a strong group of trustees, who meet monthly.

Our Co-ordinators support older people’s involvement and engagement by providing information, arranging events, facilitating consultations, and more…

What We Do

Provide a collective advocacy service, enabling  the voice of older people to be heard, by raising issues at both a local and national level. 

Celebrate the contribution of older people.

Produce a regular New-sheet, sharing relevant news and activities, and offering good connections for older people.

Weekly virtual Tea-breaks on Thursday mornings at 11am: social time with an invited guest to give us a focus.  Monthly Radio Coffee Mornings on Nevis Radio, on the first Friday of each month from 11 - 1.

Local area Get-togethers, bringing together older people, the services they use and other opportunities in their communities.

Raise our funding through grant applications and participation in events such as the Great Wilderness Challenge. Donations are always appreciated.

HSCN Constitution

A copy of our Constitution is available here: Constitution

Our Data Protection and Privacy Policies

Data Protection and Privacy Policy