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Getting Care Right

The right care is what senior citizens want to access, which may not be what service providers, provide.

We campaign to improve Highland Senior Citizens’ wellbeing through improved choice, access, quality, and timeliness of wellbeing provision.

Those services with a clear base in the statutory duty of care - hospital care, care homes, care at home - have historically had an inadequate accountability mechanism for ensuring quality and adequacy of provision. HSCN is working with NHS Highland to improve local care quality, and with national partners to inform the Minister for Health on reforms.

See, Hear, Now

Loneliness is now recognised as having a major adverse effect on  health and well-being. Current evidence shows that being lonely and isolated is more detrimental to health in old age than smoking, drinking, being overweight and having high blood pressure.

We campaign to ensure that the impact of loneliness is documented and included in all decisions to instigate, redesign, increase, reduce, or retain services including procurement.

We campaign to increase long-term, consistent funding for user-led provision that reduces loneliness - including transport. 

Making Ends Meet

Poverty in older age is a pressing issue, particularly in the current economic climate. Half of senior citizens experience some form of poverty. Poverty in older age is widespread, is common, and is a significant threat to senior citizens’ wellbeing, increasing loneliness and undermining health.

We campaign to raise awareness of the hidden issue of poverty in later life.
We campaign to impact policy and procedure decisions which discriminate against poorer senior citizens.